Hey Mom, You’ve Gotta Taste This…

Hello!  Hope you had a nice weekend!  With all this winter weather I feel like we’ve been hibernating!  I think the snow is beautiful and all.  I’m just don’t want to go outside in the cold.  And it looks like we are FINALLY in for some warmer weather – 40’s and 50’s.  I am so excited!

The photo below was an “extreme winter” for us back in Katy, Texas – the most snow we got the whole time we lived there!  And this was a big deal!  “Hey mom… you gotta taste this!”  LOL.

DCF 1.0

I’ve been working hard on writing some patterns.  I have the designs planned, the math all figured, the fabric requirements needed, and have been working on test blocks.  I’m now at the stage to order my final fabric and make the quilts.

I’m not sure with some of them if I want to use a specific fabric line or mix and match.  While a specific fabric line that is coming out might be exciting or draw interest, will it have the opposite effect later when that fabric is no longer available?  What do you think?  When you buy a pattern, do you want to make your quilt look just like the pattern – using whatever fabric the pattern is made with or do you mix and match and draw from your stash?

I also did quite a bit of sewing this weekend.  First, I finished up my Ribbon Star Quilt.  I’ll be doing a post next week on that to link up with A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Stay tuned.  It turned out really great.

I also finished up my first bee block for the #moderninstabee2014.  I ended up making this one three times!  The first time, I didn’t really read through and didn’t trim my half square triangles to 3″.  It turned out great but was an inch too big.  The second time I didn’t use of a “scant” 1/4″ seam and my block was too small.  The third one was just right.  At this rate, as my Instagram friend @hilaryfrye joked – I just may end up with a sampler quilt on the side. :)


I also finally started working on my Skill Builder BOM 2014 taught by Alyssa of Pile o’ Fabric and got the first two blocks done.  They are a lot of fun and turned out really great.  Alyssa does a great job of teaching and presenting the lessons and you can tell she put A LOT of work into it.  It is definitely worth the fee.  I started the first one last year but it is in my WIP pile.  This one I plan to stay on top of!



Next up on my to do list are a couple of bee blocks.  I owe a Converging Corners block for Monica and a Dresden for Casey both from my St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild Sew Bee It bee.

And stop by tomorrow for my next Feeding Four on a Budget recipe!

Have a great night!






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  1. I just realized that the “gloves” Andy is wearing are actually socks with toes in them! Lol