Catching Up!

Whew!  Getting my quilt done for Blogger’s Quilt Festival took my time and focus for a bit.  Meanwhile…..

Mother’s Day came and went and I had a lovely day, thanks to my husband and sons.  Tom turned the soil for two beds for me and then worked in some garden soil and compost.  A lot of hard work – and very much appreciated!

Herbs & Hot Peppers
tomatoes & peppers

Our patio

Our patio from the yard.

What is this growing in my blueberries?


Orange Tree, Lime, & Blueberries - need to learn how to prune my orange tree. the orange and Lime need repotted too!

mint, strawberries & lettuce

It is so nice to have a patio and yard to sit out in after living in Houston in the heat for so long!  I love it!

While Tom worked the soil, Sammy came with me to Lowe’s and Weithrop’s to pick the plants.  Then, while I did the planting, Tom cleaned the kitchen for me!

On top of all that, Tom got me flowers and the guys got me this awesome drawing pad so I can design my quilts, etc.,  freehand!

Bamboo Create Drawing Pad

I felt very special and spoiled! Thank you Tom, Andrew, & Sammy!

I also have been wanting to do something with all the buttons I seem to have collected.  I am going to make these into pillows and it gave me something to work on while we watched tv.

Button Heart Pillow

R Button Pillow

Well, that’s it for now!  I hope you have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by!  Leave a comment and say hi!

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