Doctors & Amy’s One Thing One Week Challenge

Today we had to do some running around.  Andrew had his first quarterly check up at the endocrinologist.  Funny, before January I had no idea what that even was.  Anyway, we had gotten pretty lax about writing down his blood sugar number each time he took it so this morning I sat down and scrolled through his meter and wrote down his numbers for the last 2 months.  Then I forgot them.  :)  I remembered the averages, though, and the doctor said they looked good.  We are still in the honeymoon phase, which means his pancreas is still trying to make insulin but it can’t really keep up so she said we will have some wacky ups and downs.  Then we had to go do an annual blood work.  I guess we will normally just get an A1C with a little finger prick but this time lots of scary blood work.  A1C, cholesterol, thyroid, peroxisome function, and testing for celiac disease.  I know this stuff will end up being old hat eventually – but it seems kinda scary now.  Especially when it’s your kid.  He’s a tough kid and makes it all seem like no big deal.  I’m really proud of him.

Then I had to make an appointment for myself.  I haven’t found a new doctor since we moved and my blood pressure is a bit high.  Our family is eating really healthy right now and I’m trying to loose some weight so hopefully that issue will go away.  But in the meantime……

We hit the library after that and I don’t know how – but it seems like no matter how many books I return, I end up coming home with a bag so full I can hardly carry it.  I LOVE the library!

Anyway….. I am feeling the pressure of needing to get my Burst into Bloom quilt done before the Blogger’s Quilt Festival so…..  I’m joining Amy’s One Thing, One Week Challenge!

Amy's Creative Side

And on that note….. time to get off the computer and get back to work!

Have a great day!


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