The Day in Pictures

Today we started the day getting Tom a new car.  He was so due and I’m so excited for him.  We tend to keep our cars a LONG time and Tom had almost 100,000 miles on his Toyota.  He got a nice little Mazda 3.  It’s really nice!

Afterwards we went down to the St. Louis Art Museum.  It is in Forest Park and is really nice.

St. Louis Art Museum

St. Louis

Art Park

My cutie pie, Tom!

Sammy, Sherry, & Tom - I like this picture!

Tiffany Lamp

Cool plant stand

This is nice!

This was from 5000-3000 bc!

Andrew loved this! So did Mom!

Sammy Bear

I love this wacky painting. I think it was Radioactive Cats?


Sammy & Andrew

Andrew, Sherry, Krista & Sammy. Don't the boys look thrilled!

Sammy, Grammy & an Egyptian cat

How cute is this?

How beautiful!


And another....


A favorite of Andrew represents the earth savaged by nuclear war.

Weapon room


I love these!



Sammy Sherry and Andrew

My guys!

Turtle Soup?

Sherry & Krista

Pretty Table

Table Bottom




Zia's on the Hill

 Finally, we went to Zia’s Restaurant on the Hill for dinner. It was awesome!  We all loved our food.  However, a BAD storm blew through while we were there.  It hailed really bad and was SO loud.  I guess a tornado was spotted in Forest Park!  Fortunately for us it passed on through.Anyway, we are home now and in our jammies and ready to watch a little tv before bed.  Hope you have a great night!


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One Response to The Day in Pictures

  1. Jeanne G says:

    I was just listening to the news about the storm that hit the ball park and injured all those people. And then there is your post and I am thinking OMG this is going to end badly. With God’s blessing, it did not. I think St. Louis is wonderful to visit. I haven’t been there in a long time. If you get a chance to go to the Botanical Gardens when they have a Dale Chihuly glass exhibit, take the time to go. Not only will you love it but your entire family will. If you go to the website, you can see pictures of his last showing there. Beautiful. Glad you had a great day, got Tom’s new car and that all of you are well and safe at home. Praying for the injured in St, Louis